Freestyle 8

This one has a bit of a story behind it. I submitted it to BuzzFeed while they were running their experiment of having a puzzle segment, and it was accepted for publication. I was stoked, because their crosswords, edited by the wonderful Caleb Madison, were damn good; the best constructors were submitting their work to BuzzFeed because it was a new, highly trafficked publication, and they also had some young 'uns such as myself who put some youthful verve on the grids, avoiding some of the mustiness of the New York Times. It was also less censorious than the Times, which appealed to me.

Unfortunately, this puzzle never saw the light of day because BuzzFeed nixed their crossword just months after starting it; it was a valiant effort, but I don't think regular BuzzFeed readers would ever embrace a cutting-edge crossword. I got the rights to it back, so here it is for your solving pleasure.

Freestyle 8 (.puz)

Freestyle 8 (.png)

Freestyle 8 solution (spoilers!)